Credit Card or PayPal Payment

Just click on one of the PayPal options below and then click Add to Cart. You can use your PayPal account if you have one, or if not, you can use a credit card. (You can cancel at any time in the process, so don't be afraid to click.) If you need to pay a different amount, contact Bill at 509-270-7492 or the contact address below and he will explain how to do it.

When you're done, you'll be returned to the workshop page. Please fill out the application form if you haven't done so, and click the submit button.
  1. Full Tuition: $595
  2. Deposit: $250. Remainder due by December 8. (Not available for work-study students.)
  3. Discount for full-time students and Alexander teachers: $535.50
  4. Discount for Alexander teacher trainees: $506
  5. Work-study tuition: $297.50
  6. Full tuition less deposit: $345
  7. Discounted tuition less deposit: $285.50
  8. Trainee tuition less deposit: $256
  9. Cancel choice