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The global pandemic has taught us many things about our work and the need and value of our work in our community.  Responding to that need, we are launching this new option for working with us.  This on-going program is designed for those who already have some experience with Alexander Technique (lessons or workshop preferred), Teacher Trainees, and Experienced Teachers.
Bill and Shawn have been collaborating since 2014, uniting the principles of Alexander Technique and Nervous System Energy Work into a process that more clearly and efficiently defines the Alexander Technique and the Teacher Training Process.  Here's your chance to be a part of that work and contribute to this growing body of knowledge.  We welcome you to join us!
Topics that we will cover throughout our time together will be the many intersections of:
Alexander Technique Concepts 
1.    Primary Control 
2.    Use Affects Functioning (the Universal Constant) 
3.    Psycho-physical Unity 
4.    Faulty Sensory Appreciation 
5.    Endgaining vs. Means-Whereby
Alexander Technique Principles 
1.   Principle of Prevention on a General Basis (Inhibition and Direction) 
2.   Principle of Indirect Action (Conscious Direction/Means Whereby Principle)
Scientific Background of Body Mapping
Basic premise of Body Mapping and its role within Alexander Technique Pedagogy
Central Concepts of IMAT:
1.  Compassionate Teaching the promotes inclusion and belonging - there is no error; you aren't doing anything wrong 
2.  Attention Strategies (paying attention to stillness vs. movement, spotlighting vs floodlighting)
3.  Energetic Principles as they apply to AT and Body Mapping
4.  Alexander's discovery of the primary movement vs Alexander's process for not interfering with the primary movement (inhibition, direction)
5. Ways of Knowing (literal, rational/symbolic/analytical, paradoxical/transcendent) 
6. The FM story, Marj, Bill - and your lineage.

$90 per session
5 or more sessions paid in advance: $81/session (10% discount)
Special discount for students in face-to-face program

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Bill Conable, DMA is the senior Alexander teaching student of Marjorie Barstow, with whom he began working in 1962. He also studied with Frank Jones and Walter Carrington and studies energy healing with James Kepner and Carol De Santo. He is certified at the Advanced Practitioner Level in Nervous System Energy Work. He developed the first university course in the Alexander Technique at the Ohio State University, where he is Professor Emeritus of Music. He is the inventor of the concept of Body Mapping and co-author with Barbara Conable of the influential book How to Learn the Alexander Technique.
Bill teaches classes at Eastern Washington University and Holy Names Music Center in Spokane, WA, and maintains a vigorous private teaching practice as well. He is a teaching member, sponsor, and board member of ATI, and a former teaching member of AmSAT. He has taught Alexander throughout the US and in Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Chile, Italy, and Hungary. He is President of Alexander Workshops, LLC, and Workshop Coordinator. He is a co-director of the teacher training program IMAT.
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Shawn Copeland, DMA is the Co-Director of Inter-Mountain Alexander Training and the founder of mBODYed, a new hybrid Body Mapping and Alexander Technique Training program for musicians, actors, and dancers. He began studying the Alexander Technique in 1997 while a student at the Brevard Music Center and qualified as a teacher in 2006 after a five-year apprenticeship with Marsha Paludan. Those who have guided his learning and continue to influence his teaching include Sarah Barker, Glenna Batson, Dale Beaver, Bill Conable, Donna Doellinger, and Robin Gilmore. Shawn is Associate Professor of Clarinet and the Alexander Technique in the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho. He also teaches Alexander Technique at the Eastern Music Festival and at the Summer Clarinet Clinic at Stetson University. He travels extensively, presenting at universities and international conferences throughout the US and abroad. Shawn has been studying Nervous System Energy Healing since 2010 and explores the many intersections of energy work and Alexander Technique in his teaching and research.   He is a Sponsoring Teacher of Alexander Technique International and a licensed Training Mentor of the Association of Body Mapping Education.
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Alternate Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm Pacific Time


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